The Course

What you’ll learn about

You’ll learn about things like timekeeping, personal organisation, managing your mental wellbeing, where to seek help with difficult situations, teamwork, commitment, and other things that are going to assist you to achieve and sustain full-time mahi.

During the first week we complete an induction process which covers things like our programme values, workplace health and safety requirements specific to our site and the tools you will use on site. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you start a new role within one of our industry related organisations.

During the course you will also receive informative presentations around subjects such as:

  • Suicide awareness
  • Healthy relationships
  • Addiction
  • Budgeting
  • Road safety
  • Injury prevention

What we’ll be doing

Each morning we will complete some form of exercise to help increase and maintain fitness as well as aid our physical and mental wellbeing. We do activities like boxing, weight training, circuits, walking or even playing touch or basketball.

Meal preparation
Grocery shopping and preparation of nutritious and value for money meals to share on site.

Hands-on creation
Building a project piece from design to manufacture and finishing then taking it home.

Personal goal setting
Have you thought about things you want to achieve recently? We’ll help you to set some personal goals for the short, medium, and long term. We’ll help you to put steps in place to ensure the best opportunity to achieve those goals.

Basic vehicle maintenance
Do you know how to change a tyre, check the oil and water? Is your vehicle road legal? We’ll share some basic tips and complete some checks on our own vehicle to help you become more aware.

Driving lessons
We aim to assist you to reach Learners, Restricted or Full drivers’ licence during our programme and depending on legislative requirements. We will organise driving lessons for you to help you move up the licencing ladder smoothly.

Work experience
We aim to place each person into an industry-based organisation to gain some work experience. This is your opportunity to put all the skills you’ve learned into practice and secure yourself a full-time job within that organisation.

What you could achieve

  • Driver Licence
  • OSH Forklift operators’ certificate
  • Unit standards
  • Hands-on experience using power tools
  • Confidence communicating with others
  • Interview experience
  • As well as lots of general life and employment skills

Feel free to contact us if you want more information.